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Present and correct: managing attendance the wireless way

Utilizing our unique, easy to install technology we have developed ActivCampus a fully automated, unobtrusive system that monitors, records and analyses student attendance.

How does it help?

The ActivCampus key fob technology allows live record attendance even for the largest class sizes (450+) with no disruption to teaching and provides a convenient and accurate means of supporting both staff and students. With a full audit trail of student engagement, ActivCampus allows those with pastoral responsibilities to provide targeted, timely learning support, reduces administrative burdens for those involved in attendance monitoring and allows students to monitor and evaluate their own engagement. ActivCampus can be integrated with industry standard server technologies or hosted in the cloud, and linked with existing systems if it makes life easier.

The results speak for themselves:

ActivCampus can simply improve the reputation and finances of your facility with better pastoral care, reduced dropout rates and improved results.

ActivCampus Results - can deal with class sizes of 450 or more, £7.2million potential annual saving, 5 year tag life span, see a student 150x per lecture, 30% attendance increase equates to 1 degree classification

What does it do?

The system provides the ability to:

  • Simply and fully report on attendance in any way - by person, place, time or subject.
  • Encourage and improve student engagement, letting them know they are valued and important to the institution.
  • Automatically and electronically record the attendance register thereby reducing the burden on lecturers.
  • Provide useful analytics for academic staff to identify trends or dramatic changes in attendance, less popular topics or areas of concern.
  • Generate room occupancy and utilisation statistics to help improve efficiency.
  • Readily export reports to Excel or PDF document formats.
  • Have various user roles with dashboard technology to keep on top of what’s going on and providing early warning of potential student attendance issues.

How does it work?

The ActivCampus student attendance monitoring system consists of the ActivServer appliance, networked RF readers and ultra long life wireless key fobs. Students simply carry the key fob with them to learning events (e.g. lectures, tutorials and labs, etc.) and our unique wireless technology automatically confirms their attendance, with no action required on the part of the student. The key fobs are detected by ActivCampus readers in each location, which feature plug-and-play integration with both wired and wireless University and College networks. Commissioning is quick and easy so that you will be confirming student attendance within minutes of installation.

The system can be configured to operate in an event-driven manner (set and forget) where notification of predefined events, such as missing a particular lecture or attendance falling below an acceptable threshold level, results in emails being automatically sent to relevant clerical and academic staff, and the student. It will even allow the student to respond to staff and keep a record of what they say. Simple and in–depth database driven querying and mining of attendance data by systems administrators and clerical staff can also be performed easily. The system can also be readily integrated with student and staff dashboards in a virtual learning environment and can interface directly with student information systems, room booking and timetabling and other core databases.